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ALPS is on the way

The next version of the Adventist Design Framework, renamed the Adventist Living Pattern System (ALPS) is in development! We are excited about what the version will bring and invite you learn more on the product blog at


We want it to be easy for your Seventh-day Adventist organization to use the beautiful visual identity designed for web sites. In addition to matching the world church, this theme includes responsive code, which means your site will look great on everything from smartphones to large computer screens. A lot of effort has gone into making this theme superb, and we are excited to offer it to every Seventh-day Adventist organization.


Visual design is just part of creating your site's identity. Here are some writing ideas you may also find helpful.

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Design Options


Use the provided HTML / CSS to implement the visual identity on any system.

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Pre-Built Themes

Install a theme created for netAdventist or WordPress. More systems may be added if there is an interest.

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Typo3 Hosting

Host your web site using the same system as This system is managed by the General Conference Communication Department in partnership with the Adventist Media Center in Germany (Stimme der Hoffnung).

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